Signs indicating the need for electrical outlet replacement:

  • Discoloration or melting of the plastic cover.
  • Smoke, sparks, or burning odors emanating from the outlet.
  • Excessive heat felt on the outlet cover.
  • Poor fit or plugs falling out of the outlet.
  • Presence of only two prong openings.
  • The ground-fault circuit interrupter (GFCI) no longer trips.
photo of an outlet

The advantages of changing your electrical outlets

Electrical Safety

Replacing old outlets is a smart safety precaution because older outlets can be easily damaged by debris or frequent use. As time passes, the plastic casings deteriorate, which can lead to outlet malfunctions. By making the necessary upgrades, you can avoid the smell of burning plastic in your home and make sure that your electrical outlets are properly installed.


Older outlets can cause issues with your utility bills, as loose or damaged components may shorten the life of your electronics. If you see that appliances plugged into these outlets are not secure, it can result in wasted energy, and poor equipment performance. By installing new electrical outlets, you can discuss with our team about upgrading circuits to make sure that your new outlets can meet your requirements and prevent overloads. This will help you make your home more energy-efficient and gain better control over your utility bills.


Homeowners with family members or loved ones who have difficulty reaching certain outlets can benefit from installing new outlets in convenient locations. Furthermore, new electrical outlets provide convenience for powering additional appliances throughout your home.

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