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From small tile repairs to ceiling fans we cover the whole house.
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Specialists in Maintenance and Repair

Some of what we do, you COULD do. It comes down to the time value of money, or the personal satisfaction of your doing it yourself. We’re happy to help out. Call us if you need us!

Buildings / Gardens

Beauty and function, artfully combined

Artfully Crafted Functionality

From outside storage sheds to dog houses, or grow houses to greenhouses, we can assemble your items, or fabricate entire units for you! We specialize in sub-irrigation, above ground gardens.

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Remove, replace, and clean up after

Fresh New Look

New cabinet hardware, faucets and drawer pulls can give you that renovated feel without breaking your budget!

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Construct / Assemble

Built right to your specifications

Perfect Lines and Square Corners

Sometimes you just need it built right. If you don’t want to take the time and deal with the frustration of having to put it together, let us handle it for you!

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Routine Maintenance

Tired of changing your HVAC filters, flushing your hot water heater and cleaning out your dryer vent?


Get on our route and we will perform any Monthly, Quarterly or Annual maintenance your property requires.

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Our Core Values

We will perform your job right, on time and on budget. We work with estimates you sign before we start any work.  We want you to have a clear understanding of the expectations and a general idea of the risks associated with your project. We will work with you to reconcile any miscommunication or misunderstanding to the best of our abilities as we strive to have recommendations from EVERY JOB.

We will also never take a project that puts our license in danger. What does that mean? It means Ladder, Truck and Toolbox employees are prohibited from taking on any project that requires a permit, or a licensed builder/subcontractor to perform the work, or will result in a bill of over $1000 for any single project.

Building Inspiring Spaces

Are you tired of your drawer pulls, doorknobs or hinges? We can replace all of that with new, color and materials coordinated, highly functional items.


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