What is included?

= An initial visit to your home to determine the heating and air conditioning filter sizes, smoke detector age and condition. From a maintenance perspective, we will determine general issues outstanding in the home, as well as have a discussion with the resident (if you like!) about issues you want resolved/pointed out, or questions you might have.

= Heating and Air conditioning filter changes (We recommend Microparticulate Performance Rating [or MPR] level 2200 filters)

= Water heater tank flush

= Dryer vent deep clean (from the lint trap all the way through the house to the outside exit of the dryer vent system.)

= Light bulb changes

= Smoke detector inspection

= Discounted labor for all other activities during the year

= Regular, general home visual inspections, as well as our recommendation on the best path forward should any issues arise during the year. On the occasion that we are not able to handle the repair or maintenance ourselves, we have a robust network of vendors, tradespeople and local businesses to assist you. We really do “know a guy” here in the valley, and with your purchase of the Maintenance Value Plan, you do too!


What choices do I have, or what options do I need to figure out?

It really comes down to how often would you like your filters changed

We have options for:

= Quarterly visits, (also known as “The Kirkland” or “Great Value”). This is the bare minimum of filter changes recommended in the Las Vegas Valley. Due to the incredible amount of work we expect out of our HVAC systems (that’s “air conditioning and heating” for the rest of us), regular filter changes are absolutely necessary for a functioning system. Anything less than quarterly and you are risking your duct system’s cleanliness, the inner workings of your HVAC system, and your indoor air quality.

= Monthly visits, (aka the “Standard”). This is the recommended frequency of changes for most homes with healthy inhabitants, and normally functioning, standard HVAC systems.

= Bi-Weekly visits, (or the “Cadillac”). True concierge level vendor relationship. At this point, we’re not necessarily changing the filters every time we come by. We can, if you have severe asthmatics, high sensitivity to airborne allergens, or other breathing/lung capacity challenged members of your home and want us to change them. At this level, it’s more about being able to afford to have someone “just swing by” and maintain your home every other week. Much like the “Bentley” below, if you entertain regularly, have a high traffic home, or just like very regular maintenance of any installed system in your home, this is the way to go.

= Weekly visits, (the “Bentley”). You want someone to come by every week just to touch base with your home’s systems, other outside vendors, or simply want to make sure there is never a time when your home isn’t “showroom ready” for any reason that home maintenance issues might cause. We can, of course, change your filters weekly, but the reality is, that’s not why we are coming. At this level we will coordinate with you, or your home staff to ensure we are there when you need us. Trash to the curb? Handled. Want us to be there to meet another vendor and discuss their recommendations of your options in plain English? That’s us. Just need a large package picked up and moved from the garage to the backyard? We are here to help. Anything you need, we’re there for you.


What is the ANNUAL cost for each of these options?

Quarterly: $599

Monthly: $1,399

Bi-Weekly: $3,150

Weekly: $6,250


What is NOT included?

The actual items (new filters, lightbulbs, batteries, smoke detectors, et cetera.) We never want to “nickel and dime” our clients. This service is as streamlined as we can make it. The reality of this service is that while our labor is covered, the “hard cost” items are not included.

We will determine on our first visit what types of filters you like (and we will advise you on what we recommend, and why!) We will coordinate bringing your filters after this first visit (if you like) or help you setup delivery for these filters from your preferred vendor. We get our standard filters at a very good discount, and pass the savings on to you, or you handle the selection and shipping yourself. It doesn’t matter to us which you choose.


What’s next?

Click here to send us a note and get you setup. Just select “I WANT TO BE AN MVP!”


We accept Zelle or your check for the MVP program annual fee. Details will follow from filling out the form in the link above!