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Does your gas fireplace fail to light when you flip the switch?

We can give you peace of mind, knowing that your pilot light is lit, the area is clean and maintained, and all your valves, pipes and connections are good to go.

A simple service is $89 Parts and Labor

If your fireplace only needs a quick “checkup”, we will make sure your gas fireplace is ready for the season!

But, what if your gas fireplace doesn’t light, and a quick “checkup” shows that there are further problems? What if it needs to be rebuilt with new parts like valves, igniters or any of the myriad connections that exist inside that “black box”?

We do rebuild service as well! If we come out to do a checkup and find that your system needs more work, the MOST YOU WILL PAY IS:



This is a $750 service anywhere else in town, but since we’re making sure our service stays affordable for our community, we are keeping it LOWER IN COST without sacrificing quality. We’ll just make a little less on each unit.

The Las Vegas gas fireplace repair team at Ladder, Truck and Toolbox are not only insured, licensed and professional, but we are absolutely going to fix it right the first time. Also, there won’t be a charge for the quick checkup if your system needs more and you engage us to do the work right then.

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