Introducing the Ladder, Truck, and Toolbox Maintenance Value Plan

Our Annual Home Maintenance Plan covers the activities all around your home that will keep you from climbing ladders, buying tools, and remembering trivia about smoke detectors.

Would you like to outsource your home maintenance?

Wouldn’t you like to have someone else manage your “honey do” list?

What if you could sign up for an annual home maintenance plan that let you “set it, and forget it” on these tedious chores?

Do we have good news for you!

With our plan you can automate the tasks that regularly need doing around your home, like…

Regular Heating/Air Conditioning Filter replacement? Check!

Smoke Detector inspection? Check!

Water Heater flush? Check!

Dryer Vent Deep Clean? Check!

Regular eyes on your property to ensure small issues don’t go unnoticed and become big issues? Check!

Wish someone else would just change a few lightbulbs when they come by? Check!

Sometimes the little things make a big difference.

We have a plan custom fit for you. Your home. Your needs. Your budget.

All of our plans come with discounted labor rates throughout the year for any OTHER project YOU CHOOSE to start.

Want a new accent wall? Discount!

Want a new ceiling fan? Discount!

Want a new doggie door? Discount!

Find a leak in your yard? Discount!

Selling your home and want to have someone make it ready for sale? Discount!

Home maintenance is a clear case, of “Pay a little now, or pay a LOT later”. We work with clients all over the valley who have saved THOUSANDS of dollars by taking action with our team of qualified professionals. We have the tools, the time, and the can do attitude that will leave you asking, “Why didn’t I purchase this plan sooner?”

Our plans include our labor, and your peace of mind starting at less than $50/month!

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